Get strong and healthy with StrongShape.

Being strong doesn’t mean you have to look like a body builder or a super hero. It’s about being able to move your body and use your minds full potential. It’s about having a great quality of life at any age.

The goal of StrongShape is to help you reach “your” optimal strong shape, whether you want to be a superhero or just a healthier version of yourself.

One of the first steps to getting on the right track is to start logging your daily nutrition and training. Tracking has been shown to be one the best predictors of weight loss. Logging your food may seem cumbersome at first, but with repetition like anything else, it does get easier.

The StrongShape food tracker is a minimalist approach to food logging. It will guide you to choose healthy food options and create balanced meals. You can use it to track what you eat or to plan your meals in advance.

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